I got Spotified...

It took ages.  About 4 years after recording an album of original songs called Aim Low, I finally put it on Spotify.  And after more weeks of avoidance, frustration and a cry for help, the Spotify link now sits happily on the bottom of each page of this website as if it were no effort at all.  

This was a remarkable feat for someone as untechnifried as myself.  And I do mean fried, because that's what computers, smartphones and all apps do to my brain.  Have pity.  I grew up in the age of typewriters, even before the invention of Tipp-ex ('White-Out" as it was known in the States).  Nice and analogue, it's obvious how those things work.  

Filtering my thoughts or art or music through the mechanics of a digital intermediary, on the other hand, is like trying to eat a silicon sandwich. Doesn't go naturally with coffee.  But I digress.  And if you follow me for any length of time you'll find that I digress often and wildly. I thank you in advance for your patience.  


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